Play & Creativity

Which is better: adult-led or child-led play?

Rylie Raccoon

Parents can sometimes feel pressured to play with their children, but is this always necessary?Child-led play is fantastic because it allows children to explore their environment and learn at their own pace. If an adult is involved they will tend to take charge and tell the child the ‘right way’ ...

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10 tips & tricks to get children playing outdoors

African Family Happiness Holiday Vacation Activity Concept

Introducing your child to the big wide world can be difficult when they are just as content exploring the world wide web. Nowadays, it seems there is nothing they can’t learn on the internet, except, of course, what it means to interact with their environment. Studies have shown physical activity ...

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How to tackle those playground problems

Legs of little friends sitting on swing or other recreational facility

Behavioural issues are often a sign that something’s not right. Here’s how to help your child have a better day at school…When you send your little ones off in their pressed trousers and crested jumpers, and tearily wave goodbye at the school gates, you’d be forgiven for having a heavy ...

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Pre-School Play Tips from Dr Amanda Gummer


Peer pressure is still a relatively minor influence and parents have the biggest say in which toys children have access to for this age group.  However, children do make their preferences known and, especially if they have older siblings, they will often aspire to have toys that make them feel more ‘grown up’. ...

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