Health & Wellbeing

Mind and infertility

Young woman sitting on the bed with a sad expression on her face looking at pregnancy test. In the background is her partner who is sleeping in bed.

Infertility issues can’t always be explained by science which, if you’re trying for a baby unsuccessfully, can make you feel as if you have no control over the situation as you have no reason for the problem.I myself have a whole chain of unpleasant stories which contributed to being diagnosed ...

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Healthy sipping? So long, suckers!


According to Public Health England1, 27% of five year olds have tooth decay and removal of teeth is one of the primary reasons for children to be hospitalised. In addition to this, NHS figures show around one in three British children have crooked teeth and need orthodontic treatment. But, the good ...

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Visiting the dentist for the first time

Clean teeth.

Oral health is a vital part of your baby’s overall wellbeing. Taking care of their teeth and gums should begin even before the first tooth sprouts. As for visiting the dentist, it is generally advised that you should book an appointment around your baby’s first birthday, or six months after ...

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The importance of a healthy start


“A third of British children now considered overweight, according to study.” “Health campaigners call for stricter rules on junk food TV adverts.” “New rules for healthy school dinners”.  Childhood nutrition is officially a hot topic, as these headlines from the past few weeks confirm. There is a saturation of media ...

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Dealing with those dreaded nursery nasties!


When your children are little and are interacting with other children, due to the fact that they are often in close proximity – hugging, touching heads – unfortunately, they can come home with more than just a grubby jumper and grazed knees. There are some common conditions children can pick ...

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