Education & Development

It’s back to school time!

back to school

If your child is off to school for the first time, this checklist will make sure you don’t forget anything – whether it’s routine or essential preparations…Help your child prepareAsk your child how they’re feeling about starting school and talk over any concerns Talk with your child about their daily school ...

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The safety net

smiling girl with tablet pc at home

While you sit and read this article, what are your children up to? Outside in the garden? Reading a book? At the park with friends? The chances are, they’re sitting indoors on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone, surfing the net or on one of the many social media ...

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Solving those childcare dilemmas

Young woman playing with boy

It’s the biggest decision you’ll make as you head back into the workforce. With options aplenty – from minders to pre-school – here’s how to choose one that’s right for you and your youngster. For most mums, the end of maternity leave means you’re faced with ‘the great pre-school care ...

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Sally Preston’s top tips for weaning

Mother Feeding Baby Boy In High Chair

Sally Preston, founder of the kids food company Kiddylicious, gives us her top tips  I think the most important thing to remember when weaning a small child, is to be relaxed and not stress about it. What is important to remember about weaning is that it is introducing tastes, textures and a ...

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Safer surfing for under 7s!

Kid covering his eyes

Children love using technology and are learning to navigate websites, online games and consoles, and touch screen technology like iPads and smartphones from a younger and younger age. The latest Ofcom research has shown that two-thirds of 3-7 year olds have access to a tablet at home, and we know that children ...

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Encouraging language development in young children

The father is playing with his child

Your child’s language development starts with the first sounds that they make as babies, progresses to learning their first words as toddlers and eventually stringing together more complex patterns and sentences. Children all naturally develop at different rates so there’s no need to pressurise them. You can help your child ...

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Your baby’s first year

mother and baby

Baby development, generally, follows a set sequence – a baby will sit before crawling, crawl (usually) before walking, babble before talking. However, during a baby’s first year, although development is usually continuous, in terms of speed, no two babies are the same. During the first month, a baby will begin ...

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